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Whether you are a long-time breeder of American Saddlebreds or you are just becoming interested in learning more about breeding and showing young Saddlebreds, the WI Futurity can benefit you!! The American Saddlebred Horse Breeder's of Wisconsin, better known as the WI Futurity, has long been an excellent source of both prize money and information on breeding and showing American Saddlebreds 3 years of age and under.


Each September, our association hosts a nationwide horse show in Madison, Wisconsin called the WI Futurity Horse Festival. This USEF "A" rated show has both futurity classes and classes in all other Saddlebred and Hackney pony divisions. By becoming a member, you will receive all mailings on both our Futurity Association and the WI Futurity Horse Festival. You will also receive information on our Limited Breeder's Auction and Competition.


Membership is $25 annually and renewal notices are sent out at the end of each calendar year. You are required to be a current member in any year you nominate a horse to the WI Futurity. If you are a current member, all rules, nomination forms, and updates are sent to you automatically in May of each year. In this mailing you will also receive a list of your currently eligible horses so you can keep up with their nominations.


By becoming a member of WI Futurity, you can continue to make our breed, the American Saddlebred, the strongest ever! Download our membership form and join today!

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